I My enjoyment for baking started at a young age when i baked and cooked with my nan, she would make the most wonderful cakes and treats. She opened my eyes to baking and creating, mainly tasting of course. I've always enjoyed being creative,
I really started making and decorating cakes when I had my first son, I wanted to create a cake that in his eyes was perfect (being young its not to hard)  
I now have 3 wonderful children and such a supportive partner
After 13 years of parenting the cake designs have increased from a simple sponge to a standing cartoon, my children have no limits to their requests it would seem....
I know its cliché but Bakes by Kerry was always a dream and after a lot of encouragement and advice from friends and family, i finally took the plunge to put myself out there.
Im so pleased I did,
i truly love what I do, its not just cake, its memories  no matter how big or small, those memories I help create last a lifetime.
All my Love