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Working with Your Wedding Cake Designer: Dos and Don'ts


TIP #1 Do your research

Research the cake designers, limit down to a few to contact and start the contacting process.

Take note of how they respond, are they asking you questions, more than just asking budget. Do they want to get to know you, find out about your wedding plans. how have they treated you, do you feel listened to, or just a number?

TIP #2 Never be afraid to ask questions

Its likely you have not planned a wedding before. ask about the service they offer, how many cakes they do per week, ask for more details about their process, testimonial's and pricing.

TIP #3 Your vision

Always ensure your needs and wants are listened to, be open to advice or ideas but always ensure you are heard. This is your day and your wedding cake design.

TIP #4 Be open.

Be open to ideas, creative and for stability reasons. a great cake designer will explain any concerns they have, ie the weather, heat, distance. They will also help create something truly special with your needs and wants at the forefront of course.

TIP #5 Budget

Now I know this can be a tricky area to discuss, but being honest and open with your budget, really helps the designer to create a cake based around your budget. Also maintaining reasonable expectations within the budget you've given. Asking for Prada on a Primark budget is quite offensive to the designer, so please bare in mind their skill, expertise and overall service they offer.

TIP #6 Last minute

Don't be super last minute when booking or looking into a Cake designer, dates book up extremely fast and sometimes often being 2 years in advance. Once you have your venue and date set, start chatting and researching. Get those amazing designers booked in. This also ensures you get the full service from the cake designer you really want to work with, avoids disappointment.

TIP #7 Cake tasting

This is vital and one of the tastiest parts of wedding planning. often these can given alongside a consultation or can be posted. just ask your cake designer. use it as a date night, really enjoy those yummy slices of cake. Also ensures you enjoy their baking, flavour combinations.

TIP #8 Micromanaging

I understand planning a wedding is stressful and you want every detail perfect. however you booked your cake designer and ultimately you trusted them with your vision. so do just that, trust them allow them to create your dream cake as you've discussed and let them take the pressure off. A good cake designer will reach out and discuss things with you and do small check ins during the process. your in great hands.

TIP #9 Be respectful

So much time love and effort go into someone's cake business. always be respectful and communicate in a kind manner.

TIP #10 Last but not least

Don't forget to thank them. a small note, message or even card just to say thank you, goes such a long way in showing your gratitude. Leaving a review for them is also incredible too.

Thanks for reading, I hope this brings some insight.

Keep an eye for more blog posts

Any suggestions please let me know

All my love



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