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Frequently asked questions 

I  will continue to update these, please feel free to contact me if you have more questions and would like some guidance 

Consultations Booking a consultation with me is really easy, send an enquiry through the website or via email, ill get back to you with my availabilty. How it works? I currently run all my consulations via Zoom, please dont be nervous, i want you to be relaxed, grab a cuppa and chat to me all things wedding. If Zoom or a video call is not suitable for you, please contact me and we can arrange a face to face meeting in a location suitable for us both.

How many flavours can i choose? There is a long list of flavours availble on my website. When having tiered cakes you can choose one flavour per tier, or perhaps check out my tuxedo cake which is alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla.

Booking Fee For wedding cakes its a £100 booking fee to secure your date. This is non-refundable as it allows me to book out the date requested. please see full terms and conditions

Im just not sure on design?! That is totally ok, with so many options out there, its ok to not be entirly sure. instead of looking at cake deisgns send me inspiration mood boards, we can build on the feel of your day and once i know your story i can use that and build that into your bespoke cake deisgn. lets not use other cake designs and want replicas, lets design your cake and tell your story

What size cake do i need? I would normally advise serving around 75%-80%, however this is your decision entirly. I can advise cake sizes and serving amounts.

Can we taste before booking? Yes, actually i encourage you to do this. i want you to enjoy my cake in flavour just as much as the deisgn. I offer tasting boxes, that get posted straight to your door, perfect date night excuse

Do you cater to allergies? I can cater to nut-free, dairy free & Gluten free, however i cannot garentee there will be no cross contamination. I will bake using throughly clean equipment and with the ingreidents nessesary, ie gluten free flour. I am not a specilised baker, i do have all these allergens within my kitchen and bake with them regularly. Please see the allergens page for more information, and of course you can contact me at any time for more information.

When should i order? I have my dairy open from 2022-2024 To ensure i have avalabilty, please contact once your venue is booked and you have your chosen date. You can secure your booking with a £100 booking fee.

How can i store my left overs? If being eaten within the week, wrap well with clingfilm and store away from sunlight. I would not suggest storing in the fridge, a suitable container would be perfect. If you are planning to freeze your cake, wrap really well in cling film at least 2 layers, pop a date on it and freeze for up to 6 months. To thaw, simply take out a couple of hours before eating, depednign on how hot or cold it is.

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